Julia Berger - eventi musica spettacoli
Julia Berger - happenings, music, pageants, shows julia berger - eventi, musica, spettacoli


happenings, music, pageants, shows

Bygone images and new emotions.

The splendours of past courts, the mystic inspiration of distant holy places. The sound and characteristic setting for every period, fruit of the perfect choice of different combinations of voices, instruments and choirs with precious copies of musical instruments and historic costumes. Productions aimed at putting on unique performances to satisfy the most sophisticated aesthetic requirements.
Management and organization of concerts, shows, parties and special events, educational activities and therapeutic music.


Julia Berger

A ‘kaleidoscopic’ artiste: singer, coloratura soprano. A concert singer who collaborates as soloist with various vocal and instrumental ensembles.
Artistic director of
events which she both
plans and realises,
she always seeks to
give new aspects to
every artistic project and
to harmonise all the
elements that go to form it.


Music - Theatre - Dance

From the Middle Ages to the Belle Epoque, the fascination and power of rare and evocative sound and ethereal atmosphere to produce a new awareness and knowledge of past musical, theatrical and dance forms.

Music and Well-being

Music to motivate, arouse, stimulate and nourish the emotional sphere. Multisensorial itineraries to find once more the ability to lose oneself in discovering ‘new’ emotional states. A new way of apprehending to attain a refound well-being.


Themed dinners, entertainments and period banquets in an atmosphere of discerning enjoyment and extreme aesthetic pleasure. Every event embodies restrained elegance, a result of the care taken over details, and is marked by a discrimination that makes it unique and unrepeatable.