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Repertoire of antique music

Julia Berger
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  • Sponsus, XII century liturgical drama of the wise and foolish virgins
  • Devotional songs from XIII century European convents
  • XIII century Hymns of praise from the Cortona and Magliabechiano manuscript
  • Ballads, hunting songs and madrigals from the XIV century Squarcialupi manuscript
  • Fifteenth century chansons by Franco-Flemish composers
  • Banqueting songs from the XVI century. Various Italian and European composers
  • Airs, popular songs, madrigals, dirges, duets by XVII century Italian composers
  • Madrigals by Luzzasco Luzzaschi from the end of the XVI century
  • VIIIth Book of Madrigals by Luca Marenzio from the XVI century
  • The Venetian boat for Padova, madrigalian play by Adriano Banchieri from the XVII century
  • Sung church Motets by XVII century Italian composers
  • Lecon des Tenèbres by Francois Couperin from the XVIII century
  • Nine German airs by Georg Friedrich Handel – XVIII century
  • Arcadian duets by Georg Friedrich Handel - XVIII century
  • Stabat Mater by Giovan Battista Pergolesi - XVIII century
  • Cantatas by G.F. Telemann – XVIII century
  • The 112th psalm “Laudate Pueri” by Antonio Vivaldi – XVIII century
  • Airs from the Schemelli Gesang Buch by Johann Sebastian Bach – XVIII century
  • Baroque serenade “Il Barcheggio” by A. Stradella – XVII century (Anfitrite)
  • Opera “Messalina” by C.Pallavicino - XVII century (Messalina)