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Julia Berger
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Music and Well-being
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We collaborate in the organisation of travelling exhibitions in places of cultural and historic interest.


Sounds and Silence in the Night

Night-time tours with music, theatre and dance round
Lake Garda and environs


Pleasures for the Spirit

A journey through music and dance in Terra di Franciacorta

Suoni e Silenzi nella Notte
I Piaceri dello Spirito

The mysterious fascination of evening and night has always inspired artists to penetrate the soul's most tortuous paths and made the traveller pause along his way to seek a little peace.

Trying new paths they lose themselves while listening to the echo of distant sounds and find their way home when mysterious silence once more envelops everything.

This is a musical itinerary encompassing churches, convents and monasteries, castles, villas and palaces among the most picturesque in the Lake Garda area. The connecting thread is the selection and performance of sacred and secular music composed to be played in the evening or at night.


This is a pageant born with the purpose of fulfilling a cultural need to rediscover and popularize antique music.
A series of concerts and shows are proposed in places that are particularly interesting from an historic or artistic point of view: a musical itinerary in Terra di Franciacorta, in search of a characteristic beauty that time and the background noise of modern times have not destroyed , but only dimmed.

In search of melodies and harmonies capable of stirring sweet sentiments in the spirit with the subtle pleasure of their variations, so as to find inspiration, something to say, a deep thrill, expressed in a form whose timeless freshness and magical novelty arouse constant wonder.