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Julia Berger
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Music and Well-being
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With the help of experts we organise courses, individual lessons or group lessons and one-day study groups for those who wish to discover and develop their speaking and singing potentials.
Various themes are treated and in particular:

Techniques of relaxation and meditation
Listening to silence
Breathing therapy
Voice as an instrument
The voice between soul and body

Techniques of relaxation and meditation:
• Stress: the real ill of our times, some techniques for conquering it;
• Body and mind relaxed: visualisation and mental itineraries;
• Energising one's personal drive: anti-stress massage, bioenergetic and phonic (vocal and instrumental);
• Oriental meditation.

Listening to silence:
• Silence, source of creativity;
• Listen,see and be silent;
• And if silence were only an
• Silence to communicate;
• Silence, language of the passions;
• Sounds and Silence;
• An invitation to be silent and listen.

Breathing therapy:
• The need to live, the need
to breathe;
• Diaphragmatic breathing;
• Noticing one's breathing;
• Breathing and mood;
• Various breathing techniques.

The vocal instrument:
• Voice production;
• Exercises to achieve awareness of vocal amplification organs;
• Preparatory exercises for phonation;
• Voice and posture;
• Correct diction in speaking;
• Singing vowels and energetic syllables;
• Harmonic singing;
• Improvisations.

The voice between soul and body:
• Listening to singing and the practice of singing;
• Seeking one's own voice: the voice and sexual identity;
• Voice and moods:emotion through song;
• Study and practice of singing methods for solo and choral repertoires of different periods, from medieval times up to the present day;
• Study and application of the art of oriental singing with particular reference to India.