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Enchantment between body and soul

Voice, Emotions and Body in a multisensorial itinerary

Julia Berger
Music - Theatre - Dance
Music and Well-being
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Multisensorial itinerary for 2 voices and ethnic instruments


To stimulate sensations and emotional states through the incantatory, suggestive and healing powers of the voice.


  • To create a multisensorial performance to help the beneficiary to develop the ability to use his emotions in the service of his psychophysical equilibrium.
  • To accompany the beneficiary in a process of discovery of his emotional intelligence, through the stimulation and production of emotional states.


AIR evanescent and elusive
EARTH welcoming and fertile
FIRE destructive and regenerative
AIR evanescent and elusive
EARTH welcoming and fertile
FIRE destructive and regenerative
WATER calm and purifying calm and purifying

An itinerary which aims at getting to know the sensations and emotions linked to the four elements that form the ecosystem of each of us, in connection with ourselves, others and the world of which we are part.

Means of expression, and instruments:

  • 1 woman’s voice, 1 male voice, ethnic instruments, sound-producing objects and/or sound effects
  • gestural art and essential movement
  • aromas
  • candles, coloured floodlighting, various light effects, amplification
  • costumes
  • scenic effects

Technical requirements:

The participants:
The performance is suitable for any number of people according to the client’s requirements.
The participants are advised to enjoy the performance in the position they find most comfortable. We recommend lying down in contact with the ground, so that the mind sinks into a perceptive state more easily and the whole body can be filled with the energy of sound.
It is suggested everybody should bring a cushion and/or mat.

The performance can be adapted to any kind of place.
If the site is an alternative one (a wood, a grotto, an historic or particularly picturesque site), or very large or acoustically unfavourable, amplification will be necessary. In this case the performance requires the services of a sound and a lighting designer.


The performance can be held in complete darkness, or lit only by candles.
The project in its development also provides for more spectacular staging with the participation of two body dancers from the international dance-theatre, a sound and a light designer who simultaneously take care of the sound and light effects in a way suited to the place, the performers, and the participants, who will be bathed in coloured lights.