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A new-found well-being

Julia Berger
Music - Theatre - Dance
Music and Well-being
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A multisensorial itinerary which proposes an immersion in the emotive sphere and gives the beneficiary an opportunity to enjoy the discovery of ‘new’ emotional states. A new way to experience music as a reality where one’s attention goes neither too far into the past nor the future but stays in the present, which envisages an activity of ‘ many-sided attention’ involving existence at various levels.
The participants can give themselves up to experiencing the musical happening in a new and unique way every time, guided along an itinerary of inspired improvisation, where the exclusive use of an essential, not everyday, language leads to the discovery of the unifying aspect of one’s psychophysical centre, thanks to the fundamental curative function of song, a spiritual medium, a means of restoring balance to everyone’s finer strengths and, above all, an element to be seen in a close correlation between soul and body.

It is an invitation to seek and focus on one’s emotional and expressive essence with the aim of recognising the channel between earth and heaven, a small yet powerful aerial inserted in the infinite network of human and universal connections. Our performance enables the beneficiary to share in an artistic event and, in whatever position found most comfortable, without any limits, with the whole spirit and body, to prepare for a gradual realisation of himself in relation to the world around him. All together we will allow the music to take effect and vibrate through our whole mode of hearing like a tuning-fork, only concentrating on our capacity to let our energy flow simply and unconditionally.By allowing the music to take effect in depth the participants can free their emotions, which are no longer screened by intellectual knowledge but erupt spontaneously and awake all the centres of energy, provoking networks of not always conscious thought, those which let us discover corners of an inner world in continuous transformation.

Emotions are the link between individual and cosmos and are as necessary to life as water.

Through music, which has the power to modulate our perception, emotions must be born so as to create states of well-being, meant not only as the result of watching a spectacular scene or listening to a song or piece of music performed well, but as the discovery of a primary right belonging to every single person and an essential means of living at peace with oneself and others.