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Flavours of 18th century Venice

Julia Berger
Music - Theatre - Dance
Music and Well-being
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Suggested entertainment:

A welcome for the guests
- players of antique instruments
- ladies and knights in period costume
- master of ceremonies

The aperitif
- musical accompaniment with harpsichord or harp.
- singer and musician (flute or violin) in period costume
- actor

The dinner
- musical introduction
- brief intermezzos between one course and the other: music, songs, poems, a juggler, an actor narrates and acts a story in fitting with the menu and from the same period

The final touch
- old-fashioned parlour games
- entertainment with music and historical dances

A possible menu:
- Do fete rostie de sopressa
- Torta de erbette
- Sopa de cape
- Minestra di pasta e fasioi
- Cento risi cola so meola de manzo e la so luganega par torno via
- Fricandò
- Pastizzada
- Polenta e radicio amaro
- Sardelle e sfogeti in saor
- Salate de erbe
- Figà a la sbrodega
- Cocomari in salsa
- Bodin e raffioi dolci
- Frutta fresca

...e par el Vin: el Furlan
- Zaeti col zebibo
- Ratafià di naranse, de fragole, de limon
- Caffè de colo e cioccolato de culo