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Music and entertainment

Julia Berger
Music - Theatre - Dance
Music and Well-being
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A concert or an entertainment as an introduction or at the end of a meal:

  • Vocal and instrumental chamber music ensemble
  • Orchestra
  • Poetry evening
  • Display of traditional or historical dances in costume
  • Stage performance

Themed food and wine exhibitions:

In cooperation with musical groups , theatre companies, traditional and antique-dance companies, we plan and organise themed food and wine exhibitions set in a restaurant dining-room and involving the diirect intervention of the guests.
The combination of music – theatre – dance and food seems to be very popular nowadays, above all in Italy, but not only here.

In fact over the last year numerous groups of performers, in one way or another, have organised evening entertainments, involving the public in the show through participation in a banquet.

“Stories and flavours, aromas and songs, dances and fragrances inspired by tradition are offered to the guest audience by actors, chefs, musicians and dancers.
The very theme of the show is cooking.
Cooking is alchemy, a ritual, a great enchantment and sometimes even a bit of a joke.
Cooking is like the theatre: a feminine art of transformation, of creativity that makes a virtue out of necessity, of seduction, of memory and nostalgia, of everything the heart and the palate perceive when a dish is prepared and eaten.
Here dreams in the form of food are served and food with the aroma of dreams, you will find nostalgia flavoured with garlic, soused laughter and craving for chocolate.”
The magic of cookery when it is art of life.
Magic of the theatre when it is a circus of the senses” (Madama Sinoira)