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Dinners with a theme from art or history

Julia Berger
Music - Theatre - Dance
Music and Well-being
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We produce menus to suit the theme, authentic historical reproductions or new selections invented by chefs and gourmets, writers, painters, musicians and producers. We modify dishes to suit them to the gastronomic motifs evoked or inspired by the client for whom the occasion is organised.

Sitting down at table not just to dine, but to experience the surroundings, situations and events of the past; the transformation of a convivial occasion into an enjoyable intellectual adventure.

We combine music and discrete and tasteful entertainment in a well-directed production, creating an atmosphere of exquisite enjoyment and true aesthetic pleasure. We make every occasion unique and unrepeatable with our distinctive touches and attention to detail.

Some of the themes that can be developed:

  • Music and gastronomic culture in Europe in the past
  • Music and gastronomic culture in the world
  • Music and food for every season
  • Eros, music and food
  • Eat and laugh
  • Music, food and well-being
  • Music, poetry and woman’s gatronomic culture
  • Magic, food and music
  • Music and wine culture
  • Music and the rite of tea
  • Music and chocolate and sweet tasting

An example, Music and gastronomic culture in Europe in the past:

The flavours of 18th century Venice