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Chansons d'Amour

Songs for courtly love
Franco-Flemish composers from 15th – 16th century

Julia Berger
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Music and Well-being
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Franco-Flemish composers exerted great influence in Italy and, thanks to the preservation of numerous song books, it is possible to establish the importance of a body of secular music rivalling in quantity and quality the compositions destined for liturgical use. Pieces which were aimed not only at musicians capable of recognising their technical perfection but also at the non-expert, who could appreciate the beauty of their sound, owing to the perfect accord between sound and the aesthetic sense of the poetic texts.
performers 1 voice, 8 musicians
instruments copies of original instruments: flutes, bombard cornet, harp, lute, trombone, percussion, positive organ
duration c. 1 hour
props copies of historical costumes, candles, torches
sites inside or outside an historic villa, castle courtyard, museum, small square
technical requirements a minimum space of c. 6m x 5m