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Boating. A musical entertainment in two parts.
Music by Antonio Stradella (1639 – 1682)

Julia Berger
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Scenic production of a baroque light opera. It was composed for the wedding of two noble Genoese : Paola Brignole and Carlo Spinola. It consists of a short nuptial work with three mythical characters: Amphitrite, Neptune and Proteus in a setting with acquatic allusions. The dramatic situations the libretto offers – the ‘provocations’ of Proteus, Amphitrite’s jealousy, Neptune’s anger – enable Stradella to evoke a wide range of emotions and affections which enliven the entire opera.
performers 1 soprano, 1 contralto, 1 bass, 4 walkers-on, 2 women dancers 12 musicians, 1 conductor, 1 producer, 1 light technician
instruments copies of original instruments: 1 cornet, 1 trumpet, 3 violins 1 viol da gamba, 1 cello, 1 violone, 1 lute, 1 baroque guitar, 1 theorbo, 1 harpsichord, 1 percussion
duration c. 2 hours
props pieces of scenery, wooden dais
sites inside or outside an historic villa, castle courtyard, small square small theatre.
technical requirements minimum space c.10m x 5m; audio and lighting service
low quality
high quality