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A Toast, now pass the flask around!

The Boat from Venice to Padova. A madrigalian play.
Music by Adriano Banchieri (1568 – 1634)

Julia Berger
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Playful humorous music. As the title implies, the five-voice madrigals of the Boat are sung in the setting of a journey between Venice and Padova, as the boat travels along the Brenta canal via Fusina and Dolo. A picturesque throng of characters gathers among the passengers, some of whom seem out of improvised comedies: the boatman, the music teacher from Lucca, five different singers ( a Neapolitan, a Florentine, one from Chioggia, a Bolognese, and a drunken German), then the courtesan Rizzolina with her favourite the student Orazio. During the journey the company amuse themselves with varying kinds of songs, passing from sentimental and grave madrigals to the lightest popular songs.
performers madrigal group: 5 singers, 2 actors, 7 musicians
instruments copies of original instruments: flute, harpsichord, regals, lute, theorbo, renaissance guitar, viol da gamba, harp, percussion
duration c. 1hr 30 mins
props copies of historic costumes, masks, candles, torches
sites inside or outside an historic villa, picturesque cellar, hotel conference room, small square, small theatre
technical requirements minimum space c. 10m x 5m
low quality
high quality