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Oh Bitter Sweetness

Music forbidden at the court of Duke Alfonso d’Este
Music by Luzzasco Luzzaschi (1540 – 1607)

Julia Berger
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Madrigals published after the Duke’s death, because during his lifetime they were considered a repertoire to be kept secret. A lewd musical eroticism marked the considerable range of the three singers and the movements of the three dancers, directed and jealously protected by the Duke, who entrusted their preparation and most of their repertoire to Luzzaschi, one of the best composers of the period.
performers 3 sopranos, 6 musicians, 3 women dancers
instruments copies of original instruments: fipple flutes, viol da gamba lute, renaissance guitar, double harp, harpsichord, percussion
duration c. 1 hour
props copies of historic instruments, candles, torches
sites castle courtyard, inside or outside an historic villa, hall, small square, small theatre
technical requirements minimum space c.10m x 5m
15th century at the court of Duke Alfonso d’Este
15th  century at the court  of Duke Alfonso d’Este
low quality
high quality